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Picture of a creepy cabin on top of a hill, in front of a giant full moon
Welcome Listeners,

To Our Actual Play RPG Podcast

We are Untitled Dice Game, a lucky collection of individuals who connected over the monster-hunting RPG: Monster of the Week (MotW)
Created by Michael Sands and released by Evil Hat Games.

Our current story arc, Department of Deliverance, concerns a government agency, that has recruited a rotating cast of Hunters, each with unique monster-hunting skills and knowledge. They report directly to Agent Chip Blakesly, an enigmatic man who looks surprisingly similar to the actor, Patrick Warburton.

The DoD’s official mission statement is “defeat the monsters that the average person is unaware of.” But what about the monsters the average hunter is unaware of…

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Latest Episodes and Posts

DoD: Episode 24: No Good Deed (Part 3)

DoD: Episode 24: No Good Deed (Part 3)

The hunters find themselves in the middle of a bar brawl with a skeleton and its living, yet drably dressed, frat-boy minions. August decides its best to stay out of trouble—for once. Maxwell opts for overkill. Drunk Mickey channels his inner Hansel. While Jo learns her sword has hidden strings. Previous Episode: No Good Deed…
Maxwell’s Meanwhiles: Anger Managed

Maxwell’s Meanwhiles: Anger Managed

“Access to intel, equipment, finances, and even reinforcements.” That’s what Blakesly had promised. The latter is less than preferable, but the intel in particular — Maxwell has never been given this easy access to possible answers, finally, after years of a blind (he doesn’t want to admit, failing) one-by-one approach. Surely that is worth the…
DoD: Episode 23: No Good Deed (Part 2)

DoD: Episode 23: No Good Deed (Part 2)

The undead walk among the living residents of Danvers Massachusetts. Mickey goes walkabout. Maxwell and Jo become entangled. August is a wanted man. And a new hunter joins the party. Things are about to get messy… Warning: this episode contains mentions of alcoholism. Next Episode: No Good Deed Part 2Previous Episode: No Good Deed Part…