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Picture of a creepy cabin on top of a hill, in front of a giant full moon
Welcome Listeners,

To Our Actual Play RPG Podcast

We are Untitled Dice Game, a lucky collection of individuals who connected over the monster-hunting RPG: Monster of the Week (MotW)
Created by Michael Sands and released by Evil Hat Games.

Our current story arc, Department of Deliverance, concerns a government agency, that has recruited a rotating cast of Hunters, each with unique monster-hunting skills and knowledge. They report directly to Agent Chip Blakesly, an enigmatic man who looks surprisingly similar to the actor, Patrick Warburton.

The DoD’s official mission statement is “defeat the monsters that the average person is unaware of.” But what about the monsters the average hunter is unaware of…

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Latest Episodes and Posts

DoD: Episode 13: Seed Corn (Part 4)

DoD: Episode 13: Seed Corn (Part 4)

The hunters make some discoveries, the most startling is Kolchek’s colorful past! August’s behavior causes some concern, Maxwell admits he isn’t perfect, and Jo? Well, she’s getting desperate… Previous Episode: Seed Corn Part 3 Download your FREE copy of Grandmother’s Nursery, an original Monster of the Week mystery. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube
DoD: Episode 12: Seed Corn (Part 3)

DoD: Episode 12: Seed Corn (Part 3)

The hunters, having regrouped, attempt to pump some locals for information. Kolchek makes a bad impression, Jo finds an alternative career path, Maxwell encounters a woman he cannot charm, and August gives in to temptation… Next Episode: Seed Corn Part 4Previous Episode: Seed Corn Part 2 Download your FREE copy of Grandmother’s Nursery, an original…
DoD: Episode 11: Seed Corn (Part 2)

DoD: Episode 11: Seed Corn (Part 2)

The hunters are in Gilder Iowa, investigating a supernatural-flavored multiple murder case. Kolchek and Jo good cop/bad cop the alleged murderer, while Maxwell takes August for a ride on his motorcycle to properly examine the scene. One team may have bitten off more corn than they can chew when some locals suddenly appear… Next Episode:…