Christmas Special – All Outta Peppermint! (Part 2)

The second and final part to Untitled Dice Game does Christmas!

E. Vator has always been on Santa’s naughty list. Now she has the power—and tactical-assault animals—to exact her revenge. Will elves Brandybutter Twinklesparkles, Jean-Pierre Laurent, Ninja Winniewinter, Elfon T. Shelf and Rainbow Twinkletoes be able to show E the true meaning of Christmas or will the fat man finally pay?

Warning: This episode contains fictional use of fictional substances, high pitched elven voices and WAY too many Christmas songs.

Untitled Dice Game does Christmas! Chris, Dora, Mike, Ollie, Rosi and Sero play the free one page RPG, All Outta Peppermint.

All Outta Peppermint – Part 1

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