Podcast Episodes:

  • DoD: Episode 36: A Simple Haunting (Part 8)
    The shocking truth is finally revealed but things go horribly wrong for our brave hunters. Maxwell runs away. Scully panics. Nina quits… again. Sheri goes for the kidney. Mickey has a laser gun?! Previous Episode: A Simple Haunting Part 7 […]
  • DoD: Episode 35: A Simple Haunting (Part 7)
    The hunters creep ever closer to Blakesly and learning what the actual f*ck is going on in this messed up house. Maxwell is still confused AF. Mickey Scooby-Doo’s a hallway. August wrestles with an amphibian. Sheri defends her missing father. […]
  • DoD: Episode 34: A Simple Haunting (Part 6)
    The hunters bumble their way through the haunted house, one step closer to finding each other or perhaps certain doom… Sheri sees paper people. Scully starts her mental breakdown. August is the reasonable one. Mickey hides the truth. Nina takes […]
  • DoD: Episode 33: A Simple Haunting (Part 5)
    The house is not happy with the invading agents and unleashes its wrath upon them. Scully gets into cadaver cosplay. August brings the burn. Nina finally gets the pun!
  • Untitled Dice Game Presents: Redgate and Wolf: Episode 1 – Said the Werewolf to the Thief
    Due to techno-gremlins eating Dora’s internet we do not have our regularly scheduled Department of Deliverance episode for you. We didn’t want to leave your earholes empty though, so we proudly present to you a new actual play Monster of […]
  • DoD: Episode 32: A Simple Haunting (Part 4)
    Agent Blakesly sends his daughter, Mickey and Maxwell into a very haunted and very dangerous house. Will they come out alive or will they open the wrong door… Mech-y gets some IT support. Sheri meets a friend of her father’s. […]
  • DoD: Episode 31: A Simple Haunting (Part 3)
    The Department of Deliverance has officially sent one team of hunters to investigate a creepy old house. The ghastly decor is the least of their worries! Nina gets a message from a dead guy. Scully worries the house is alive […]
  • DoD: Episode 30: A Simple Haunting (Part 2)
    The hunters arrive at the spooky house and immediately come face-to-face with their greatest foe yet—doors! Trust me, it’s more entertaining than it sounds. Maxwell sees dead people. Mickey sneaks in a friend. Sheri strides boldly forth! Next Episode: A […]
  • DoD: Episode 29: A Simple Haunting (Part 1)
    Every neighbourhood has a house that decent people avoid. It’s abandoned, rundown and probably haunted — at least according to the local kids. Of course, those brave — or stupid — enough to enter would find something much worse. There’s […]
  • DoD: Episode 28: Oh So Those Were Juveniles (Part 3)
    It falls to the hunters to break the bad news in the third and final part of this bizarre mystery. Listen as Maxwell loses his marbles. August draws the short straw. Nina shares her pain. And Scully holds the fate […]
  • DoD: Episode 27: Oh So Those Were Juveniles (Part 2)
    Aliens walk among us… in Canada’s Jasper National Park. August wants to blow up the moon. Scully gets a lore dump. Nina was right about Blakesly. And Maxwell is a d*ck—but that’s on brand. But OMG *insert meme* Aliens! Next […]
  • DoD: Episode 26: Oh So Those Were Juveniles (Part 1)
    There’s an alien signal transmitting from a national park in Jasper, Canada. It’s been heard once before. Last time Agent Blakesly led a team into the forest but found nothing, this time things will be different… Why? Because the Department […]
  • DoD: Episode 25: No Good Deed (Part 4)
    It’s time for Danvers to bring out their undead in this No Good Deed finale! August turns to alcohol. Mech-y grows as a person. Jo finally admits the truth to Maxwell, who is having a very bad day. Mickey wanders […]
  • DoD: Episode 24: No Good Deed (Part 3)
    The hunters find themselves in the middle of a bar brawl with a skeleton and its living, yet drably dressed, frat-boy minions. August decides its best to stay out of trouble—for once. Maxwell opts for overkill. Drunk Mickey channels his […]
  • DoD: Episode 23: No Good Deed (Part 2)
    The undead walk among the living residents of Danvers Massachusetts. Mickey goes walkabout. Maxwell and Jo become entangled. August is a wanted man. And a new hunter joins the party. Things are about to get messy… Warning: this episode contains […]
  • DoD: Episode 22: No Good Deed (Part 1)
    Danvers Massachusetts has a problem—the undead city council kind. The Department of Deliverance sends Maxwell Charlton, Jo Eastwood, Mickey Adams and August Julius Linus to investigate, but not everyone has the same agenda… Next Episode: No Good Deed Part 1Previous […]
  • Christmas Special – All Outta Peppermint! (Part 2)
    The second and final part to Untitled Dice Game does Christmas! E. Vator has always been on Santa’s naughty list. Now she has the power—and tactical-assault animals—to exact her revenge. Will elves Brandybutter Twinklesparkles, Jean-Pierre Laurent, Ninja Winniewinter, Elfon T. […]
  • Christmas Special – All Outta Peppermint! (Part 1)
    Untitled Dice Game does Christmas! Chris, Dora, Mike, Ollie, Rosi and Sero play the free one page RPG, All Outta Peppermint. Something ain’t right at the North Pole. Santa’s workshop is silent. The elves aren’t merrily making toys and a […]
  • DoD: Episode 21: Twice Baked (Part 6)
    The fertilizer is about to hit the fan in this Twice Baked finale! Nina rage quits. Scully rolls to de-escalate the situation. Sheri reveals another shocking secret. And Mickey? Well, it’s not looking good for our beloved flake… Next Episode: […]
  • DoD: Episode 20: Twice Baked (Part 5)
    In this episode Scully demands answers, Nina shows off her parking kills, Mickey becomes a beautiful butterfly and Sheri makes everything awkward. Put the high-speed music on because these hunters are chasing down monsters! Next Episode: Twice Baked Part 6Previous […]
  • DoD: Episode 19: Twice Baked (Part 4)
    The hunters outdo themselves in this episode. Nina gets behind the wheel, Mickey plays with himself, Sheri is surrounded by bad combovers while Scully fears death-by-Blakesly if she can’t stop this trainwreck! Next Episode: Twice Baked Part 5Previous Episode: Twice […]
  • DoD: Episode 18: Twice Baked (Part 3)
    It’s time for our hunters’ favorite thing to do: split the party! Sheri rolls to befriend a vegetarian, Mickey is beguiled and bewitched, and Nina befuddles an irate Scully. Listen for all this and more as shenanigans ensue… Next Episode: […]
  • DoD: Episode 17: Twice Baked (Part 2)
    The hunters are in Hidden Springs Idaho, investigating the curious case of a dead man with salad ingredients where one usually finds organs. Scully rolls to protect the innocent, Mickey might need to buy some underwear, Sheri doesn’t do what […]
  • DoD: Episode 16: Twice Baked (Part 1)
    After paying their respects to an empty coffin, the hunters embark on another mystery. A survivor of a traffic collision, set to be discharged from hospital, unexpectedly dies. His autopsy reveals many surprises including a pair of green pinecones where […]
  • DoD: Episode 15: Seed Corn (Part 6)
    The Van Gilders must be stopped and the hunters are the only ones who can do it. August makes a friend, while Jo doesn’t, Kolchek has the chance to be the hero, and Maxwell lets someone in… Sound effect ‘Body […]
  • DoD: Episode 14: Seed Corn (Part 5)
    The hunters use their signature move to split the party. Kolchek flees the scene while a woman falls into August’s arms, Jo draws her sword again, and Maxwell isn’t the only one asking probing questions… Next Episode: Seed Corn Part […]
  • Halloween Special – The Witch is Dead
    Untitled Dice Game does Halloween! Chris, Dora, Jinn, Mike, and Sero as they play the free one page RPG, The Witch is Dead. The witch in question was kind and beautiful and lived with her animal companions until a witch […]
  • DoD: Episode 13: Seed Corn (Part 4)
    The hunters make some discoveries, the most startling is Kolchek’s colorful past! August’s behavior causes some concern, Maxwell admits he isn’t perfect, and Jo? Well, she’s getting desperate… Next Episode: Seed Corn Part 5Previous Episode: Seed Corn Part 3 Download […]
  • DoD: Episode 12: Seed Corn (Part 3)
    The hunters, having regrouped, attempt to pump some locals for information. Kolchek makes a bad impression, Jo finds an alternative career path, Maxwell encounters a woman he cannot charm, and August gives in to temptation… Next Episode: Seed Corn Part […]
  • DoD: Episode 11: Seed Corn (Part 2)
    The hunters are in Gilder Iowa, investigating a supernatural-flavored multiple murder case. Kolchek and Jo good cop/bad cop the alleged murderer, while Maxwell takes August for a ride on his motorcycle to properly examine the scene. One team may have […]
  • DoD: Episode 10: Seed Corn (Part 1)
    Randall Hubbs was found weeping over the bodies of his wife and children outside their home in Gilder, Iowa. He claims they were monsters. Authorities had no problem taking him in, as they reported the only abnormality were the stalks […]
  • DoD: Episode 9: The Quiet (Part 6)
    Things go from bad to worse as one threat after another forces the team to face the consequences of their actions. Will they live through it or will the Quiet silence them once and for all… Next Episode: Seed Corn […]
  • DoD: Episode 8: The Quiet (Part 5)
    A roaring fire attracts attention from unwanted guests. August and Mickey work together to conjure some “Big Magic” and with the right ingredients—and some help—they might be able to save more than just the building. Meanwhile, Nina and Scully engage […]
  • DoD: Episode 7: The Quiet (Part 4)
    The hunters split the party! August and Mickey head into town to look for victims. Scully and Nina take off to investigate a compound located near the town of Ulton’s Bend to find out just what is being concealed there… […]
  • DoD: Episode 6: The Quiet (Part 3)
    August tends to Mickey’s wounds, scarring the poor flake for life. The hunters pull together and set in motion a plan to save the remaining inhabitants of Ulton’s Bend. Will it work or will they, and the town, be silenced […]
  • DoD: Episode 5: The Quiet (Part 2)
    The DoD sent Scully, August, Mickey and Nina to investigate the site of a bizarre multi-murder. The victims of which were found gagged and with their ears plugged. It’s clear that these murders are unlike any the hunters have encountered […]
  • DoD: Episode 4: The Quiet (Part 1)
    A one-stop gas and grocery station outside the town of Ulton’s Bend, Arizona is the site of a bizarre multi-murder. The victims found gagged and with their ears plugged. Local officers sent to the scene have not been heard from […]
  • DoD: Episode 3: Razorback (Part 3)
    Things get weird for Mickey and Eliza, leaving Maxwell, Jo and Tomer to chase the demonically-enhanced entity, known as the Razorback killer, through the corridors of the abandoned slaughterhouse. Will we cue the epic fight music or will this confrontation […]
  • DoD: Episode 2: Razorback (Part 2)
    The DoD sent Mickey, Maxwell, Jo and Tomer to investigate the disappearance of a pig mask that a gruesome mass murderer wore during his killing spree. The hunters split up to carry out their assigned tasks—warning: this might become a […]
  • DoD: Episode 1: Razorback (Part 1)
    In Urbandale, Ohio, nineteen-year-old Cyril Clemont has gone missing. His absence went unnoticed until the realization that a particularly gruesome piece of evidence has seemingly disappeared from the Urbandale Police Department archives. The DoD sends Mickey Adams, Maxwell Charlton, Jo […]
  • DoD: Introducing the Cast (Session 0)
    Meet the Department of Deliverance’s (DoD) newest hunters and find out about the world they inhabit. “Hello listeners and welcome to Untitled Dice Game, an actual play podcast. We’re playing the monster-hunting RPG: Monster of the Week (MotW). Our heroes […]
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