DoD: Introducing the Cast (Session 0)

Meet the Department of Deliverance’s (DoD) newest hunters and find out about the world they inhabit.

“Hello listeners and welcome to Untitled Dice Game, an actual play podcast. We’re playing the monster-hunting RPG: Monster of the Week (MotW).

Our heroes (a rotating cast of hunters) have joined the Department of Deliverance (DoD), a government agency, to defeat the monsters that the average person is unaware of. These hunters report directly to myself, Agent Chip Blakesly. People tell me I look surprisingly similar to the actor, Patrick Warbuton, but I don’t see it. I just look good in a suit 🙂

Join us every week as we share our daring, scary, and sometimes insanely stupid misadventures with the DoD, via your favorite podcast listening app.

Oh, one last thing: fans, thank you for your service.”

First Episode: Razorback Part 1

Bonus Content:

Maxwell’s Meanwhiles: The Prospect of Revenge [1]

Set before the events of this Podcast.
“I have some interesting news about your sister,” is not the introduction Maxwell was expecting […]

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