Hello future listeners,

We are glad you have made it to our site, but as of the day I’m writing this, we haven’t published any episodes yet. There are a few monsters whose weakness we haven’t yet discovered, but will solve the puzzles soon…

Untitled Dice Game’s, “The Department of Deliverance” project has been in production since April, 2020, and is just a few ‘Act Under Pressure’ rolls away from launching in early August, 2020.

We do not have an official launch date yet, but we invite you to subscribe here on our website, to stay tuned for the launch date and other content that we hope will help you and your role-playing groups stay up to date with the games we play.

As a special “Thank You” for your interest and support, we will be giving out a free e-book containing the original one-shot mystery that started this whole thing off! All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter.

‘Til then, you can check out the playbooks and moves we will be using throughout the “Department of Deliverance” campaign at Evil Hat’s Monster of the Week Resources page.

Roll Well, and Happy Hunting!

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