Mickey Adams’ Interview

By The Audience

Mickey’s cellphone rings. Mickey answers and hears a voice on the other end…

It’s The Audience, a chatroom of netizens that follow your exploits and we have questions that need answering.

Mickey: I doubt you need these answers, but I will comply if you tell me how it is you found me, and why you have an interest.

Mickey moves through a series of screens on his watch, starting a trace. The status bar begins to fill slowly…

Let’s just say most of us are fans of yours and leave it at that. We’ll start from the beginning, tell us about your family…

Mickey: It was always, me, my mom, and my dad. Until it wasn’t. We had a movie store and ran a clean business. One day they became one of those unsolved mysteries.

Then what was it?

Mickey: Then it was just me, and a grandmother whom I had never seen or heard of before.

And how did you first learn that monsters are real?

Mickey: I was always suspicious of unnatural beings. There is always a hint of truth in fiction, and when you look at the unsolved mysteries, and the consistency of the monsters in movies and TV, you start to connect the dots.

What dots did you connect?

Mickey: It’s easy to tell when CGI is and isn’t being used. There are more “monsters” among us than you would think.

And that was enough to make the leap to Monsters must be real?

Mickey: I would say the night my parents died added to the fact. There was always something strange about the sewage drain in the back alley, and on that night, the cover on it had been removed. The cops wouldn’t listen, just told me to stay out of it and that I was just some kid who had seen too many stories.

What did you do to get on the Department of Deliverance’s (DoD) radar?

Mickey: I try not to be, but I am sure I’m on a few radars by now. I was first contacted by the department after encountering an ancient beast. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Why did you decide to join the DoD?

Mickey: There wasn’t much of a choice in the matter. I need to maintain a certain level of secrecy.

Do you regret it?

Mickey: In some ways, yes. In others, no.

Care to elaborate?

Mickey pauses for a moment, checking the status of the trace. It won’t be long till it is full.

Mickey: …. No.

Fair enough. We’ll move on to your first mystery: Eliza Crawford was in your care when she died in the slaughterhouse. How does being responsible for her bloody death make you feel?

Mickey: Allegedly. All death is unfortunate. Her life was a prison though, living in that facility. Her mind was not at ease. Perhaps she has found relief.

What do you think of your fellow hunters?

Mickey: Some are more complicated than others and pose a liability.

Which ones?

Mickey: I don’t think it is my place to put anyone down, but I have a professional history with August and have grown fond of him. He is quite peculiar. And I am interested in their secrets.

Why does Ms. Eastwood call you Backstreet?

Mickey: She has nicknames for everyone. It is probably because of my looks.

What do you like to do when you’re not monster hunting for the DoD?

Mickey: I have a few side projects I like to work on. I play a lot of arcade games and make sure to maintain the high scores on all the cabinets in my parlor.

What are your thoughts on Blakesly?

Mickey: There is more to be uncovered about Blakesly. I will be watching him with great interest.

That telepathy skill comes in pretty handy sometimes, is that something you’ve always been able to do? If not, how’d you get it?

Mickey: I’m not sure I know what you are referring to.

Hmm… We’ll leave that for now. Here are some quick-fire questions:

Q: Are you a hacker?
A: I am a man who wears many hats, three to be exact.
Q: Favorite programming language?
A: Python.
Q: Favorite 90s movie?
A: The Matrix.
Q: Who inspires you?
A: Neo.
Q: Boxers or briefs?
A: Nice try.

Time is up. Thanks for taking the time to answer The Audience‘s questions. We might be in touch again…

Mickey: Please don’t.

Mickey breaks the cellphone in half and tosses it in a nearby trash can.

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