Picture of a man wearing a pig mask and holding a knife. Text reads: Razorback
Mystery 1: Razorback

In Urbandale, Ohio, nineteen-year-old Cyril Clemont has gone missing. His absence went unnoticed until the realization that a particularly gruesome piece of evidence has seemingly disappeared from the Urbandale Police Department archives.

The DoD sends Mickey Adams, Maxwell Charlton, Jo Eastwood, and Tomer, to investigate.

This mystery is based on Razorback by Arturo Martinez, in the Monster of the Week – Tome of Mysteries.

Bonus Content:

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DoNUT Files: Razorback – Urbandale, Ohio

This blog post is set after the events of episode 3 of the Razorback mystery.
Calling all Sprinkles looking for the truth. The DoNUT Queen has identified another government coverup!

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