Picture of a woman holding a finger against her lips to shush. Test reads: The Quiet
Mystery 2: The Quiet

A one-stop gas and grocery station outside the town of Ulton’s Bend, Arizona is the site of a bizarre multi-murder. The victims found gagged and with their ears plugged. Local officers sent to the scene have not been heard from since.

The DoD sends Mickey Adams, with a new cast of hunters, Scully Charles, August Julius Linus, and Nina Kozlov, to investigate.

This mystery is based on The Quiet by Kane Cathain, in the Monster of the Week – Tome of Mysteries.

Bonus Content

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DoNUT Files: The Quiet – Ulton’s Bend, Arizona

This blog post is set after the events of The Quiet mystery.
Calling all Sprinkles looking for the truth. The DoNUT Queen has identified another government coverup!

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