Meet the Players:

The voices behind the characters you love and/or find annoying 😛

Chris – The KeeperPlays: Agent Chip Blakesly / Monsters / etc.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Keeper. Follower of the feral story. Enthusiastic gardener.

DoraPlays: Scully Charles

Cat parent. Engineer by day, amateur audio editor and music producer by night. Hopeless RPG and Tarot collector. Running on copious amounts of Diet Coke.

JinnPlays: August Julius Linus

Student, general RPG nerd, and the most boring one here.

MikePlays: Nina Kozlov

Aspiring novelist with too many cats, extrovert with introverted hobbies, apologetic attention whore.

OlliePlays: Maxwell Charlton

Scriptwriter, filmmaker, reviewer, animal lover, traveller, currently single, open to something long term – wait, what is this bio for again?

Rosi / MattPlays: Mickey Adams

Digital Marketer and Stay-At-Home Comic. My hobbies include finding new hobbies and being passionate about them for a week or two.

Sero / SarahPlays: Jo Eastwood

Writer, layabout, D&D player / DM, cat mum, Kiwi (NZer), lemon cheesecake connoisseur, and full-sugar coke (the soft drink) addict.